Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
Waterlily, by Josi Collazzo
Umbrellas, Jewels by the Sea, by Victoria Cassassa
Yesteryear,  by Angela Matarese
Whimsical, by Peggy Kenny
Poinsettia, by Josie Grossi
Sea and Sand, by Josie Grossi
Rose Bouquet, by Josie Grossi
Seascape, by Josie Grossi
Honorable Mention, Watercolor, Spring Forth, by Josie Grossi
Fruit and Flowers, by Josie Grossi
Scene at New Castle, NH, by Victoria Cassassa
Playful Day in Kenya, by Victoria Cassassa
Reflections on a Summer's Day, by Victoria Cassassa
Second Place, Watercolor, Sand Dune on Cape Cod, by Paul Ferragamo
Honorable Mention, Watercolor, Pagoda of Japanese Dreams, by Victoria Cassassa
Third Place, Watercolor, Still Life, by Josi Collazzo
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Sea Dreams, by Meg Lee
1921 by Josi Collazzo
First Place, Watercolor, Geraniums by Josi Collazzo
Pears in Basket, Watercolor, by Josie Collazzo
 Plate of Apricots, FIRST PLACE, Watercolor,  by Josi Collazzo
Plums and Wooden Goose, Watercolor, by Josie Collazzo
The Teapot, Watercolor, by Josie Collazzo
Toward Newburyport, Watercolor by Josie Collazzo
Waterlily, HONORABLE MENTION, Watercolor, by Josi Collazzo
Chapel Door, SECOND PLACE,Watercolor, By Josephine Grossi
Cornucopia, Watercolor, byJosephine Grossi
Stem Roses, Watercolor, by Josephine Grossi
The Lake, Watercolor, by Josephine Grossi
Venice, Watercolor, by Josephine Grossi
Wild Petunias, HONORABLE MENTION, Watercolor, by Josephine Grossi
Lily, THIRD PLACE, Watercolor, by Judy Hayworth
Second Place, Essex Marsh by Josie Collazzo
First Place 2012, Back Yard Planter by Josie Collazzo
Winter Scene by Josephine Grossi
Light House by Josephine Grossi
Woman by the Sea by Josephine Grossi
Autumn Scene by Josephine Grossi
Third Place, Loon by Josephine Grossi
View of Boston by Josephine Grossi
Shed Window Planter, watercolor by Josie Collazzo
Cold Winter Morning by Gayle Kelley, watercolor