Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
2010 Blooming Glory, Natures Bounty, by Elizabeth DeMetrio
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First Place 2010, Afghan, by Marjorie Taber
Cafe Banner, Craft, by Meg Lee
Piano Christmas Stocking, FIRST PLACE, Yin Yang Christmas Stocking SECOND PLACE, BY Meg Lee
Lily Pond in the Sun, Craft,  by Meg Lee
Peachy Warm, Lavender Roses, Puppy Love, Pete's Morning Magic by Barbara Santella
Boston Panorama, photo by Lauren MacIntosh
Converging Lines, FIRST PLACE, photo by Lauren MacIntosh
Pa-zaz THIRD PLACE, photo by Lauren MacIntosh
Color Above, SECOND PLACE, photo by Judy Hayworth
Miracle Maker, photo by Valerie Fornier
I Did This, Snowhouse, photo by Marilyn Gozdon
Please Can I Keep Him, photo by Marilyn Gozdon
Precious Moments, photo by Frank Holland
Wedding Sunset, photo by Frank Holland
Welcome to Family, photo by Frank Holland
Best Friends, photo by Lisa Holland
Inspiration, photo by Lisa Holland
Spacious Skies, photo by Lisa Holland
 Tranquility, photo by Lisa Holland
Frozen Glory, photo by Lisa Holland
Bird of Paradise I, HONORABLE MENTION, photo by Lois Hutchinson
Bird of Paradise II, photo by Lois Hutchinson
Egret, Photo by Lois Hutchinson
Southernmost Point, Photo by Lois Hutchinson
Bryce Point, photo by Judith King
Deer Crossing, photo by Judith King
Las Vegas, photo by Judith King
Rock of Zion,HONORABLE MENTION, Photo by Judith King
Lunchtime in Sedona, photo by Judith King
Hidden in Black and White, photo by Melee Lee
Modern Anarchist, photo by Melee Lee
On the Way, photo by Melee Lee
What I Can See, HONORABLE MENTION, photo by Melee Lee
Morning Serenity for Peter, Photo by Barbara Santella
Reflection, photo by Helec Scoppettuolo
Nantucket Sunset, photo by Michael Stone
First Place 2012, Emmet Kelly by Christine Janes
Honorable Mention, Miracle of Roses by Barbara Santells
Second Place 2012, Seasons of Love by Barbara Santella
Third Place, Crocheted Bowl by Catherine Mack
A Father's Love by Lisa Holland
Clock Tower Abyss by Lisa Holland
Third Place, Sweet Innocence of a Child by Lisa Holland
Honorable Mention, City Lights by Lisa Holland
Best Friends by Lisa Holland
Dockside Reminiscence by Lisa Holland
First Place, Photo Book by Michael Stone
Second Place, Sawtooth Mountain, Skagway, Alaska by Gayle Kelley
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