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Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
Alone at Dawn by June Maloney
Berries for the Bird by June Maloney
Gonna Catch the Big One by June Maloney
I've got the Moon on a String by June Maloney
Sunset on the Serengeti by June Maloney
Songs of Spring by Janice McPhee
Waiting for Santa by Janice McPhee
My Back Door by Sally Clark
US Canadian Boundry by Sally Clarke
Maine Lighthouse and Buildings FIRST PLACE  by Louise Conti
Sicilian Mountain View SECOND PLACE by Louise Conti
Clouds over East Chop Lighthouse THIRD PLACE by Agnes Foye
Burst of Spring by Marjorie Taber
Golden Essex Marsh by Marjorie Taber
Salisbury Beach Scene by Marjorie Taber
Mystic River by Andrea Wilson
New Category in 2011---Miniatures are less than 8" x 10" in size
Interpretation in Oil,  Sunshine & Roses by Agnes Foye
Third Place, Spring Hillside by Josie Callozzi
First Place, Essex Greenbelt by Marjorie Taber
Second Place, Apple by Lois Hutchinson
Honorable Mention, Golden Egg by June Moloney
Amorous Swans by Helen Scoppettuolo
Poppy Field in a Hollow by June Moloney
Arizona Desert by Gayle Kelley
Mt. Blue, Weld Maine by Gayle Kelley
2017 miniatures above