Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
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Honorable Mention, Racing to Nantucket Sound, by Agnes Foye
Sun Rise by Judy Hayworth
First Place, Cherry Blossom Whirlwind, by Ann Nigro
Second Place, Heavenly Illusion, by Helen Scoppettuolo
Third Place, Solar Showers, by Helen Scoppettuolo
River Rocks by Helen Scoppettuolo
City Lights by Helen Scoppettuolo
The Warrior by Sandra Maddeford
Area 5 Nacho Snacks by Gayle Kelley
Copper Cactus by Gayle Kelley
Honorable Mention, Tranquility by June Moloney
Daffodil by June Moloney
Honorable Mention, The Girl in the Orange Dress by Sandra Maddeford
First Place, Still Life with Swan by Sandra Maddeford
Storm at Sea by Sandra Maddeford
Second Place, African Girl by Sandra Maddeford
Classy Lady by Janice McPhee
Third Place, Flowers by Sandra Maddeford
The Rosette Nebula by Helen Scoppettuolo
Winter Solitude by Helen Scoppettuolo
BEST OF SHOW 2012, Family Outing by Sandra Maddeford
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