Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts
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ClipperShip by Terry Bigglestone
Autumn's Best, by Terry Bigglestone
Vermont's Fall Serenity, by Terry Bigglestone
Third Place, Ocean's Spash, by Terry Bigglestone
Fish in a Bottle, by Sally Clarke
Horse in Winter Snow by Louise Conti
Second Place, Getting Ready to Use, by Judy Hayworth
First Place, NH Fall Rapids, by Lois Hutchinson
All Alone, by Lois Hutchinson
Nantucket Snowfall, by Lois Hutchinson
Pansies, by Lois Hutchinson
Nantucket Marsh, by Lois Hutchinson
Splash of Color, by Janice McPhee
Honorable Mention, My Pretty Peonies, by Marjorie Taber
Le Elephant, by Andrea Wilson
Honorable Mention, Snake River, by Andrea Wilson
Second Place, Beauty of NH in Fall
Saco Serenity by Marjorie Taber
Fruits and Glass by Theresa Bigglestone
Roses in Black Vase by Theresa Bigglestone
First Place, Outdoor Flower Shop by Theresa Bigglestone
Walk on the Beach by Theresa Bigglestone
Skipper Ship by Bheresa Bigglestone
Country Horses by Theresa Bigglestone
Farm Pond by Sally Clarke
Tree in Fall by Sally Clarke
Red Foot Bridge by John Covino
Third Place, Reflections by Lois Hutchinson
Honorable Mention, Buddy & Me Bringing Home the Tree by Marjorie Taber
Solitude by Janice McPhee
Gotta Love Lighthouses by Marjorie Taber
Yellow House by Lois Hutchinson
Honorable Mention, Gondola by Lois Hutchinson
2017 photos above
2016 photos above