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Ginger Greenblatt
February 2018
Ginger Greenblatt grew up in Scarsdale, New York and moved to the Boston
area in 1970.  She and her husband now live in their "empty Nest" in
Burlington, MA.
She is an artist member of the North Shore Art Association and an exhibiting
memer of the Rockport Art Association in both the Graphics department and
the Painting department.
She says: "I have loved to draw as long as I can remember.  I started painting
in the challenging medium of watercolor in 1997 and over the next few years
completed a series of 30 cityscapes of Somerville, MA.  Many of them are on
display in the hospitals and clinics of the Cambridge Health Alliance,
including 5 on permanent display in the Main Lobby of the Somerville
Hospital.  Currently I am working primarily in oil paints, enjoying the
challenge of plein-air painting."  
“My specialty is painting people…..portraits, indoor scenes, plein-air scenes
of the city, country, and harbor with people and animals who enjoy themselves
there.  I am leaving a long career in nursing and enjoying a new schedule
which I am calling ‘Art Every Day’. My aim, in each painting and drawing, is
to convey to you my delight in the beauty of my subject.”
Ginger is shown here doing a charcoal drawing of a member of
Everett Arts Assoc. She did a beautiful portrait, explaining as she
worked, on how to determine where to place the features of a
person sitting for the portrait, which was both interesting and
informative. Thank you, Ginger, for this excellent demonstration.