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                                                 2019 ART SHOW WINNERS                             
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Congratulations to all who participated in the Everett Arts Association 2019 Spring Arts Festival
        Judging our event were Dottie Doucette,Valerie  Borgal, and Marilyn Swift.

Yudith Perez, “The Girl”

First Place: Lois Hutchinson, “Nantucket Sunset"
Second Place: Ann LoConte, "Mushroom"
Third Place: Marjorie Taber, “Ocean Dynamics”
Honorable Mention: Lois Hutchinson, “Nantucket Marsh”
First Place: Frank Tomassello, “The Gate”
Second Place: Helen Scoppettuolo, "Butterflies and Flowers"
Second Place:  Frank Tomassello, "Weathered Lighthouse"
Third Place: Karyn Alzayer,
“Penelope's Dream”
Third Place:Janice McPhee, "Harvest Time"
Honorable Mention: Patricia Epsimos,
“Autumn Day”
                Patricia Epsimos,”Atlantis”
                Pricila Rodriquez, “There is Always Beauty to Contemplate”
                Pricila Rodriquez, "Paradise on the Beach with its Seashells"
                Frank Tomasello, “Motif”      
First Place: Josephine Rivers "Mardi Gras”
Second Place: Maryann Trudeau, “The Mill by a Stream”
Third Place: Maryann Trudeau, “Blue on Blue”
Honorable Mention: Maryann Trudeau, Pots and Pots of Flowers"
                        Josephine Rivers, "Red Barn"    

DRY MEDIA        
First Place: Ann LoConte,
"Birch Trees”
Second Place: Jackie Miller, "Untitled”
Third Place: Janice McPhee, “Natures Splendor in a Cup”
Honorable Mention: Christine Hansen, "Y's in the Trees"
First Place: Jackie Miller, "Icon 160”
Second Place: Patricia Epsimos, “The African Queen”
Third Place: Yudith Perez, “My Hair”
Honorable Mention: Christine Hansen, "Monarch Butterfly"
                         Yudith Perez, "Flower Lady"

First Place: June Moloney, “Cat Woman”
Second Place: June Moloney “Lion of the Serengeti”
Third Place: Patrica Epsimos, “The Red Hat”
Honorable Mention: Yudith Perez, "Flower 2"

First Place: Martha Sosnowski, "Christmas Large Tablecloth"
Second Place: Karyn Alzayer, "Summer Strummer"
Third Place: Martha Sosnowski: "1 Knit Sweater"
Honorable Mention: Karen Alzayer
, "Wishing Wall for Everett"

First Place: Donna Ahlin-Dodier, ”Sweet N Juicy”
Everett Arts Association
Everett, Massachusetts